I would like to Thank the significant people in my life who have started, supported and helped fuel my art career. The most important people are

My Dad - who introduced me to art, without him, I would not be where I am today.

My Mom - who always has supported me in every decision I have ever made unconditionally

My Daughter Jasmine - is such an inspirational, creative and talented singer/song writer! Her amazing compositions, gorgeous voice and guitar playing amaze me! Now living in Victoria and studying Microbiology, she has also completed recordings of six new songs with her fabulous alternative rock band "This Day Burns". I am so proud of her!

Avenida Art Gallery and Manager Charmaine Pratt Avenida has been one of the most supportive galleries I have ever worked with. They have been instrumental in the expansion of my career thus far. With three locations and the clientele this business has already developed, has helped me receive the exposure I need and with the art shows that they have put on for me, have helped my career immensely. The owners are wonderful people and I am blessed to be part of their artists' roster. Charmaine Pratt, manager of the Eau Claire Market location has been a tremendous support to me, and believes in me as an artist, and I feel honoured and very lucky to have connected with her on this wonderful artful journey.

My clients who have purchased my art - without you, painting would not be possible. A thank you to all of you because you may not realize how important you are to me! Thank you for supporting the arts!!