"Owning an Original Piece of Art"

Everything is so disposable in our society, whether its computers, appliances or cars. As soon as that product leaves the lot or has been used, its value depreciates and continues to do so over time.  With owning “original” art, exactly the opposite is true. An “original” piece of art is created and painted by the artist, and over time will increase in value. Especially if the artist is determined to make it somewhere in the art world and is very prolific.

Serious artists must always be learning and perfecting their craft. These serious artists must also carefully choose respected galleries locally to show at and eventually try to expand to other cities, to gain recognition across Canada, the US and Internationally. Art competitions are another way for artists to get their names known in the US and Internationally, but one must be one of the top few winners to get their names recognized and even published in magazines.

Artists must also try to build recognition of their skills by joining prestigious art societies, which allow them to add initials behind their names. These “initials” are calling cards that tell potential galleries and societies that they are very skilled in their craft, making it easier to get into the more respected galleries. These are the pursuits that help elevate the artists name, which in turn raises the value of the artists work.

The life of an artist is a difficult one, the discipline and hard work required to always learn, to create everyday, to take many rejections from galleries, competitions and societies are all overlooked for the challenge and thrill to “create”. Creating is what keeps artists alive.

Owning an “original” piece of art is really owning a little piece of an artist. It’s a glimpse into their life and their creative passion, a brief moment of their history caught in paint. An “original” piece of art can never be duplicated, the brush strokes, the colours, the application of the paint could never be exactly the same. This “one of a kind piece” will never lose its value, and will only gain in value over the years.

In this disposable world, these are the things we pass onto our children and these are the things we want our future generations to inherit.